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Clinics and Services

The Clinics and Services offered by our practice include:

Mental Health Coordinator:

Our very experienced mental health care worker, provides support and care to patients with a mental health problem and ensures they are given the most appropriate help.  In support our mental health care worker has the services of a number of Counsellors.

District Nurses:

The District Nurse team attached to the Practice provides support, nursing care and advice at home for patients who are elderly or terminally ill and those unable to get to the surgery to see a Practice Nurse.

District Nurses visit patients at the request of the doctor or the hospital.

Health Visitors:

The attached Health Visitor team works with children and their families, to support and advise on issues such as child development and behaviour.  They offer anti-natal support and can advise on post-natal depression and are available during normal working hours either on a one-to-one basis, within the groups or at child health clinics.

Health Visitors are based at Abbey Meads Medical Practice and Penhill Surgery.


Midwives are responsible for the care of a woman during and after pregnancy and for the new baby from 10 and up to 28 days old.  They advise on contraception, breast-feeding and all aspects of caring for a new baby.

They also arrange parent craft classes for expectant couples.

Swindon Women's Aid Drop-In Service:

Domestic Abuse Drop-In Service at Abbey Meads Medical Practice

Female & male victims of domestic violence & abuse can access our free & confidential one-to-one drop in clinics.

Every Tuesday 9am – 11am drop-in or text 07713 567 722 to book an appointment 

Certificates for Absence from Work:

A certification form will cover you if you are off work for up to 5 working days. These should be available from your employer but can be obtained from the Department of Social Security or the Practice.

If your employer demands a certificate to cover time off work for less than 6 days, there will be a charge as this service as it is not available on the NHS. If you are off work for longer than 6 days and require a sick note you will have to see a Doctor.

Travel Vaccinations:

Going Travelling?  Not sure what vaccines you need?  Not sure if your already covered?

Please complete our Travel Assessment Form and return it to Nikki/Shirley/Alison at your local surgery.  The Travel Nurse will assess your needs and you will be contacted to arrange a suitable travel appointment at one of our surgeries.


We offer a full range of travel vaccinations including Yellow Fever.

Some travel vaccinations are not available on the NHS and we make a charge for obtaining and administering the injections. For advice and up to date information concerning what vaccination is required for which country please ask to speak to Travel Specialist Nurse.

Our travel vaccination service is also available to people who are not registered at the Surgery.

Travel Vaccinations




Registered Patients

Patients not registered with the practice

Hepatitis B (3 injections requires)



Hepatitis B booster






Yellow Fever



Rabies (3 injections required. Inc. booster)



Japanese B Encephalitis (3 injections)



Japanese B Encephalitis (2 injections)



Japanese B Encephalitis booster



Tick Borne Encephalitis (3 injections required)



Tick Borne Encephalitis booster Adult



Tick Borne Encephalitis booster Child






Hepatitis A (2 injections required)






Combined Hep A & Typhoid



Flu Vaccinations:

Flu vaccination is strongly recommended and is free to all patients who are pregnant, over 65, a registered carer or if you suffer with illnesses such as COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, Chronic Kidney Disease and Chronic Liver Disease.

The flu vaccination is usually available in early October.