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Data Protection, Privacy and Confidentiality

Fair Processing and Data Privacy Policy for Patients

As you may be aware, the law governing data protection changed on 25 May 2018. In a digitally led, modern world the previous legislation surrounding data protection had become outdated and the UK “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) is in place to give you more clarity and better protection in respect of how and why your data is being used.

Fair Processing and Data Privacy Policy for Patients

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Population Health Management

Population Health Management (or PHM for short) is aimed at improving the health of an entire population. It is being implemented across the NHS and this Practice is taking part in a project extending across Bath, Northeast Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire.

Privacy Notice for Population Health Management

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How Your Data is Shared for the Purposes of Patient Care

Your electronic health record

The practice uses the clinical computer system called SystmOne, which enables your full electronic record to be shared to anyone involved in providing care to you, across different healthcare services.

Why is sharing my health information important?

Your electronic health record contains lots of information about you, including your medical history, the types of medication you take, any allergies you have and demographic information like your home address, and your next of kin.

How Your Data is Shared for the Purposes of Patient Care leaflet.

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Your Summary Care Record

If you are registered with a GP practice in England, you will already have a Summary Care Record (SCR), unless you have previously chosen not to have one. It will contain key information about the medicines you are taking, allergies you suffer from and any adverse reactions to medicines you have had in the past.

Your Summary Care Record leaflet.

Patient Data Sharing and Summary Care Record Preference Form.

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Transferring Your Electronic Health Record

Your GP practice holds copies of your patient health record electronically and in paper format. Both contain the healthcare information about you that your GP needs including your medical history, medications, allergies, immunisations and vaccinations.

If you have previously registered with a different GP in England, upon registering at this practice your electronic health record will, where possible, be transferred automatically from your previous practice through the use of an NHS system called GP2GP.

Transferring Your Electronic Health Record Information Leaflet.

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We use eConsult to assist us in delivering healthcare services to our patients that register to use eConsult. When you register to use eConsult, you give your explicit consent (permission) for eConsult to collect and use your personal information for the services provided by eConsult.

eConsult may share your personal data with us if you submit blood pressure readings, require an appointment, fit note or test results.

Full details about how eConsult will process your personal information can be found on their privacy notice here:

eConsult Privacy Policy