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Private Non-NHS Work Fees

To whom it may concern letter £35.00
Private Sick note £35.00
Fitness to travel report £47.25
Fitness to exercise certificate £35.00
Holiday cancellation claim form £35.00
Private health insurance claim form £35.00
UK Border Force Forms £35.00
Childminder report OFSTED £87.50
Firearms License £65.00
Power of Attorney £50.00
Private Consultations 
Private consultation with a Doctor (10mins) £50.00
Private consultation with a Nurse  (10mins) £40.00
Blood test (excluding the hospital charge for testing) £30.00
Private Medical Examinations and Reports 
Employers examination & report with full medical – by appointment £188.50
Employers report – extracted from patient records £120.00
DNA Sample Request £105.00
Access to medical records under the Data Protection Act 
Computerised records £10.00
Manual & Computerised records £0.34p per copy + £10.00 £50.00  Max charge

Our Travel vaccinations Price List can be found here.