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    Have you had 2 doses of MMR?

    Public Health England are asking people to check that they have received two doses of MMR vaccine and to be aware of the signs and symptoms of measles following an increase in confirmed cases over the past few weeks.

    It’s never to late to be vaccinated

    If you have not received two doses of MMR in the past or you’re unsure please contact the surgery and we can check your records. 

    There’s no harm in receiving an additional dose where there is uncertainty.

    Measles signs & symptoms

    Initial symptoms can include:

    • Cold-like symptoms
    • Sore, red eyes that may be sensitive to light
    • High Temperature (fever), which may reach around 40C (104F)

    A few days later, a red-brown blotchy rash will appear. Usually starting on the head or upper neck before spreading to the rest of the body.

    For more information on the MMR Vaccination please visit NHS Choices