Am I Eligible for a Flu Vaccination?

Adult Flu Immunisation Programme

Flu vaccination is strongly recommended and is free to all patients who are pregnant, over 65, a registered carer or suffer from COPD, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, chronic liver disease, chronic neurological disease, immunosuppression, asplenia or dysfunction of the spleen or chronic kidney disease. 

Children's Flu Immunisation Programme 2017/2018

Was your child born on or after 1st September 2013 and on or before the 31st August 2015?

If the answer is YES, they are eligible for a free nasal flu vaccination.   

If you do not wish for you or your child to have a flu vaccine, please contact your surgery and advise our staff and your records will be updated for this year.


To help answer any questions you may have on the flu vaccination please visit - NHS Choices or 


If you are eligible for a Free Flu Vaccination please call your usual surgery to make an appointment.