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Services Not Available on the NHS

The NHS pays the Practice to provide General Medical Services. There are a number of activities that doctors undertake that are not funded and these have to be paid for by the patient.

Charges to Patients

Please note that some certificates, forms, insurance claims and travel vaccinations are extra services which are not available on the NHS.

Certificates & Forms



To whom it may concern letter



Concessionary Travel Forms



Private Sick note



Fitness to travel report



Fitness to exercise certificate



Holiday cancellation claim form



Private health insurance claim form



UK Border Force Forms



Childminder report OFSTED



Fitness to drive



Firearms License






Private Consultations



Private consultation with a Doctor (10mins)



Private consultation with a Nurse  (10mins)



Blood test (excluding the hospital charge for testing)






Private Medical Examinations and Reports



Employers examination & report with full medical – by appointment



Employers report – extracted from patient records



DNA Sample Request






Access to medical records under the Data Protection Act



Computerised records



Manual & Computerised records


£0.34p per copy + £10.00

          £50.00  Max charge

Travel Vaccinations




Registered Patients

Patients not registered with the practice

Hepatitis B (3 injections requires)



Hepatitis B booster






Yellow Fever



Rabies (3 injections required. Inc. booster)



Japanese B Encephalitis (3 injections)



Japanese B Encephalitis (2 injections)



Japanese B Encephalitis booster



Tick Borne Encephalitis (3 injections required)



Tick Borne Encephalitis booster Adult



Tick Borne Encephalitis booster Child






Hepatitis A (2 injections required)






Combined Hep A & Typhoid