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Self Help Awareness

Every year, millions of us visit our GP with minor health problems such as, coughs and colds, sore throats, headache, backache, muscle & joint pains, that can be easily resolved without a doctor's appointment.

By visiting your pharmacy instead, you could save yourself time and trouble. Pharmacists offer professional free health advice at any time - you don't need an appointment. From coughs and colds to aches and pains, they can give you expert help on everyday illnesses. They can answer questions about prescribed and over-the-counter medicines.

What are Minor Illnesses?

“Minor Illness” is a medical term and does not mean it is unimportant. From a patient’s point of view many such instances will not feel ‘minor’ in any sense.

Clinical problems and conditions are classed as minor illness when either:

  • They can be self treated
  • They are uncomplicated thus not needing further investigation.

1 in 5 patients who attend for a GP appointment do so not because they have a long term condition or health concern that needs diagnosis, but because they have a minor illness which could be treated without a visit to the surgery.

This impacts on both the appointments available within the practice and tells us that there is more we can do to change the way we look after our patients. If we can encourage patients who have a minor illness to follow minor illness advice where possible, then we can begin to reinvest resources into the care of patients with long term and serious conditions.

This section includes access to a number of resources for self help with regard to your health:

Chosing the Right Service

The NHS in Swindon offers a variety of treatment and advice options to make sure you get the best health care. Use the 'Your Services' link below to find useful information on local services available to you.  Remember,  NHS emergency services, such as A&E and 999 are under increasing pressure and one out of every four people who go to A&E could have either self-treated for minor illnesses and injuries or been treated by other local services.


Worried about your child’s health?

Do you need advice, a doctor or is it an emergency?

Healthier Together is a new website and app developed by local health care professionals for parents and carers. It provides information about what might be wrong, what to do and where to go for help.


Should your child go to nursery / school today?

Do you ever want to know whether a child can go to school or nursery if they have Conjunctivitis, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease or how long do they need to be off if they have Chicken Pox?

If you want to access information about which infectious disease need to be off school or not - click here.



Do you know that when people attend A & E, book-in and then because there is a wait to be seen, leave – THERE IS STILL A COST.

The basic cost is £56.00 per visit

This can result in reduced funding for your GP Practice to provide your primary care needs.

Please save A & E for when you really need it. is the UK’s leading independent health site.  The site contains over 4000 health information leaflets, a wellbeing centre, a free health check, and thousands of discussion forums.

Mental Health Wellbeing

Mental Health Wellbeing Leaflet

Our Mental Health Wellbeing Leaflet contains contact information of lots of useful local services.  Click on leaflet to download.

Self Help Forum

The Self Care Forum has Fact Sheets for common ailments aimed to help provide patients with information around:

  • Useful facts
  • What patients can expect to happen (the natural history)
  • What people can do to help themselves – now and in the future
  • When to seek medical help (the ‘red flags’)
  • Where to find out more

Self Help:

Our Self Help and First Aid pages include answers to common health problems, and our Helping Yourself Stay Well page provides information on staying healthy.

Medicine Chest:

Our Medicine Chest has our recommendations of useful medicines and dressings you should keep at home for minor illnesses.

Your Health:

We have a 'Self Help' section in our Your Health database. This includes links to many useful health based websites and organisations.

NHS Health A-Z:

For comprehensive and in-depth self-help, we recommend you visit the NHS Health A-Z pages.

Health Warning:

Whilst the advice offered on this website is relevant for most people, please see our Medical Disclaimer.

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